KOD – Ideas

We are currently working on the ideas of a Calendar to release prior to the event to build up hype and interest. I would work by reminding the chils of the events as wel as the parent. It would tie in with the concept of discovery as we would be able to add facts and info about he event for the child to discover.

Cards idea as before


We decided against our previous idea as it was getting too complicated and the finish product would have been very expensive to produce and we want to provide our client with an affordable solution else we would only be wasting her time.

However, Fliss was able to develop the idea from a puzzle poster to the concept of “Where’s Clarence” in the style of “Where’s Wally” which is such a fun and well know game for children.


We all agreed this idea would be good because it would initially engage with our young target market but then also the parent’s to the children, as children would be given this “Where’s Clarence?” illustration from school and take it home for their families to see. Therefore, their parents would know about the event and would be more likely to take their children to it.

We all agreed this was a really goo idea to work on


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