KOD Research for MY Roll

As i was chosen to illustrate for our design I wasnt really sure what angle to take. We all liked my child friendly simple illustrations, so i decided to stick ot that. While i do enjoy illustration, i do have my own style and found it hard to really break this habbit, as well as making it print friendly rahter then digital.

I used illustrator as my tool and stareted to looking into the subject at hand. print techniques, sizes to aim for, background etc

Where’s Wally

The style is very clear, a busy scene, similar colours, items to DISCOVER! and good illustrations.

One problem would be the size we wa aiming for, we wanted to create a leaflet or small poster that could be given out with schools, one of the ladys working for the folk festival mentioned that during her time working at a school, similar news letters were given to children each week to take home. We want ours to be THE ONE they hold in their hand as they run to mummy and daddy.


These are some of the characters that i felt drawn to, i really like teh adventure time style characters.

One problem with this is the amount of detail, we need to keep it fairly low as the posters are aimed at a4 and a5 sizes. This would mean that the characters need to be fairly big, but clear.

Also due to the sheer amount of characters i would need to create, i decided to go with a modular approach, while it may not be as artistic, it is practical given the timeframe.

With this approach i could create a set of bodys, hair styles, faces, cloths etc.


I also started to look into the backgrounds, i decided to use photographs of Broadstairs Folk Festival and use elements from these to create recognisable illustrations.

Basing my images on these i took a few key ideas, i realyl liket the idea of using the Banner, we knew we wanted to BUILD UPOn the existing branding in terms of colours to make it recognisable. I also used several of the dancers uniforms for my character designs,

This is My interpretatons of the background:


Again keeping it simple, CMYK colours and geometic, i drew upon the essence of the event. Key aspects such as beach side, the dance floor, workshops and the buidling thing that i cant think the name for but i build one in my mum garden not that long ago for her.

Decisions we made for our final concept idea

Last lesson we tried to nail our concept idea totally.

Final decisions we made –

  • Give the client the option to either print on A5 or A4
  • Aim to distribute to all schools in Thanet (client can choose to target specific school) however in the presentation we will provide her the cost of aiming for all schools in Thanet.
  • Print the illustration on 120gsm paper, as it would make the illustration more of collectable
  • We will print and present a version of the illustration to show the client – the same or similar to how the finished solution would and should look like.

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