Poster Research Ideas

I started looking in book in the Uni library for insperation, i then headed over to the ol internet, visiting my favourite haunts for ideas.

The first poster i noticed was this one:


What really struck me is the uniform design, use of colours, images and layout. I plan on using similar colours, only based on those of the Design Museum. Also implementing a consistant design across all of the posters

Initial Idea

My initial idea was to use the bold colours of the Design Museum to my advantage, across all 3 posters would be the different colours, and when all 3 posters are together you would get teh full spectrum of their colour palette.

I wanted to also include contemporary ideals in the designs.

Another key feature I wanted to include was the use of 3D space to add hidden, or extra meaning to the posters

These posters use simple cuts and folds to really add to the design, the use of coloured paper would be a great way to add rich colours to the design withough having to worry about printing, creating great knockout text and images.

Sadly due to the nature of the brief I unfortunatly decided to stick closer to the brief and create flat images for print as the file size limit and specifications would have made it difficult to properly get across my design.


This lead me to start looking at more traditional posters for insperation, again with the contemporary design in mind, and colour palette:


I was determined to include some extra aspect in regards to my poster, in keeping with the concept of the brief, using materials in differenet ways, so i was experimenting with the idea of doubling up the poster as also a game, or item.

Colours and Shapes

Sticking with the colours of Design Museum CMYK for print i decided to use the colours as a method for seperating the areas of the poster, giving it a clear heirachy and seperating the different aspects.

For the shapes and patterns of the poster, as it is for print rather then digital, again i kept the colours simple as well as the shapes, using them more as guiding lines to direct the viewer around the page, adding to the heirachy and drawing them in.


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