KOD POSTER – Presentation and Handout

THis is our final poster design, designed for print, CMYK, crop marks set etc

The idea is simple, discovery, get children interested and excited about the event, create an exciting new brand that could easily be expanded upon, digitally on websites, into a full book. Scenes depictign different areas of the event, workshop background, dance etc

We felt a print lead campaign was strogner and more inkeeping with the event then going digital contrary to our initial ideas


The final design was based upon mine and Alices work together, based on her drawings i put together the poster.

Being the annoying designers i am, i decided to use Fliss’s presentation and create a more strking visual for our presentation, more inkeeping with OUR groups asphetic BUT aimed at the client, using their colours and branding we set out to make the presentation for THEM. I also added in a few fun illustrations and even a hidden “Where’s Wally” that noone has even noticed!!

Visually the presentation fits with use, but is clearly for and about the client.



I also took it upin myself to create a handout for us to give to the client, to create a lasting impression, and remind them of our idea.


We printed off several copys of the poster and handout for the client and Kate, for the main client poster we mounted them on a presentation board for added class!

How did the group work?

How we worked well together –

  • We were all very good at communicating through our Facebook group
  • Varied skills
  • Each member had something unique to add
  • Enthusiastic

I enjoyed working with the group, generally i enjoy working with friends on projects, i would normally work with quite like minded and uinfluenced people. It made a change with this group, everyone had different ideas and made for a much more varied dynamic, people with different work ethos’ etc

Dont get me wrong i work hard, but my influences are very different to other people in our group. But again i think this really made us work.

Towards the end i was starting to worry about stepping on people toes, while i clearly had respect for everyones imput, i found it easier to visually show my suggestions, whcih tended to be redoing work others had worked on 😦

There was no hard feeling withing the group and afaik we all got on really well, i would say that i made good group of designer friends to call upon in the future, good workings, would group again!

Im just not sure they would want to work with me… but maybe they enjoyed the adrenalin rush of everything coming together

but yeh, i kinda did take over alot of the work… website, social media designs, presentations, handouts, posters 😦


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