Text Sizes and Fonts

Wanting to keep the number of fonts used to a minimum, i decided on 3 in total. This number felt good as it allows me to vary it up, without over doing it and creating confusion for the viewer as well as the identity of the magazine.

I decided to go for the traditional serif + san serif font for the majority of the text

Heading, sub headings, quotes, folio are all based on clear san-serif font


I liked Helvetica Neue as it felt stylish, modern and quite clinical, if not science based. It featured heavily in sci fi game Half Life, somthing recognisable i wanted to build on. It also game is such a wide variety of styles for different jobs, somthing that makes it really flexible, meaning i could use it well for different jobs


Garamond features a similar X-height as Helvetica Neue meaning they read togetehr well, the serifs make it ideal for body text as the serifs guide the viewer and help them head through walls of text!

Again it came in sooo many varietys, it made it a wonder to work with. It also acts as contrast to the ‘modern’ helvetica, its stroke variation also worked well to break up the walls of text, giving them room to breath, as well as the verticle and horizontal stroke weight.


Rockwell works well with both Helvitica neue and Garamond Prem Pro, i used this font only on the features, giving them some unique style. Rockwell works well as a throwback to the typewriter, science report feel i was tryign to create.


3 2


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