Folio, Features


Clean simple folio using Helvetica Neue, i also wanted to promote the website as it is a big part of the FT brand. Again using colours sampled from the main feature image, the main colour for THAT issue of the magazine.

Originally i toyed with the idea of making the page numbers a bit more cryptic, symbols to deciefer that then standard numbers. while it works as a concept it would likely be more offputting to regular readers, and i did not want to alienate those for the sake of a specific audience.

Main Feature

The aim with the main features of the issue was to create an interesting composition that was unique to the issue. It is from this major feature that the issue samples its main colour palette. In this case a ghostly green hue.

Moving away from the stale, ‘traditional’ style of layout used in the current FT, i wanted to make it more dynamic, while this may prove a little more work for each issue, i would still be a fairly simple formula to apply to the content. Images, overlay text, break up the content withing more interesting grid layouts rather then columns and columns…



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