The Brief

I propose to redesign  Fortean Times as a more trendy, stylish magazine.

Making it more appealing to the young generations. Focusing on high quality images and a interesting layout to shake up the stale ordinary magazine feel.

I felt that FT’s layout should reflect its content more, for such and interesting and varied magazine, its layout was predictable and tame. I wanted to resolve this, creating and interesting and engaging layout taht reflects the strange, dark, and interein nature of the content itself.

Turning the magazine into a high quality collectible full of interesting storys and images.

How I did this:

Introduce a modular grid system, allowing for a structured layout with variation
Improved navigation, colour coded, page numbers, section markers
Improved graphical styling, more appealing to the younger target audience
Interesting layout, keep views attention
Smaller, more interesting format, higher quality paper
Design a masthead/logo that ties in with the new magazine’s identity

Designing for Print

I didnt find designing for print too hard, i have gotten used to inDesign over time and dealing with CYMK colours at 300 dpi.

Working with a 3mm bleed, printing test copys for bodytext and heading ensured i had the correct sizes, rather then relying on the screen.


In order for the new design to work, it needs to work for all content. While this may  seem harder with a more dynamic layout, the formula is quite simple to replocate for newer issues. Large images, overlayed text and textures, and shaken up text boxes using the NEW MODULAR grid.

I used Paragraph and Character styles for the text, meaning just a click of a button and the text would be uniformally set for the magazine.



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