Hi i am Glenn Mellor and this is my digital scrapbook charting my progress through my degree in Graphic Design @Canterbury Christ Church University

Check out my website (a work in progress) @ www.srsbusiness.co.uk

So about me

I have always been interest in computers, everything from building them, gaming, even designing and making my own cases. I also enjoy the simpler aspects of design… just me, an A3 piece of paper, a ruler and a mechanical pencil. This is where I tend to first sketch out ideas and develop them. My first real step into graphic design was in secondary school, I very much enjoyed the subject, even getting a 100% mark for my final project.

I went on to study Law at university. Alas i quickly found my interest in producing media on computer outgrowing that of my studies. After completing my degree I decided to consentrate on design and so I have been working towards that since. I constantly try to expand my range of abilities and is happiest when learning new software or techniques. I work in both 2D and 3D software to produce my work. I enjoy the results that combining different media can achieve.

As well as graphics I love creating games and widgets, normally in Adobe Flash Actionscript, but I have also been teaching myself C++ and further improving my modeling and animation, and for giggles chuck in a bit of html aswell.