Finished Works

Motion Graphics

  • Assignment 1: Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography, first ever use of Adobe After Effects. Based on a short rant by Cave Johnson about lemons.

  • Assignment 2: Short Narrative Motion Graphic

A short animation about the effects of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Cut out paper effects + semi realistic effects. Made using Adobe After Effects in about 2 days, music and sound fx are creative commons. Makes use of 3D layers to create 3D scenes and parallax effects.

Graphic Design

  • Assignment 1: Emotional Typography

Using Typography to create a sense of emotion, my chose emotion was ‘sadness’. The concept behind this piece was to show the reasons behind the emotion, and how much it must have hurt the reader of the note. With tears running down the page and coffee stains, i aimed to portray a sense of real sadness as the reader was staying awake at night re-reading the note.

  • Assignment 1.5: Graphic Design Quote

Series of posters designed to show off quotes of famous graphic designers.

  • Assignment 2: Book Cover + Double Page Spread (A Sense of Place)

Web Design

Assignment 1: Typography Focused Web Design

Web design based on learning the basics of writing html and use of CSS. All hand written using Notepad++. I chose to make a website based on the Brothers Grimm interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood, using mainly typography and FontFace to use allow the use of custom fonts for the html without the need for the viewer to install the fonts. Very small file size and helps add interesting fonts witout the use of images.

Assignment 2: A Sense of Place (tie in with Graphic Design)

Lens Based Media

Assignment 1: Photomanipulation
Assignment 2: Film & Cinematic based project

Developing Creative Practice

Assignment: D&AD Submission – Ministry of Sounds Saturday Sessions

I was happy with my final design and managed to get it complete for the D & AD deadline so i could submit them. After some several weeks of helpful critiques i was able to add in the final tweaks to the design in order to make it really work.

This is a series of 3 posters i made for a recents D&AD submission, rather then a generic ‘club’ posters, i wanted to try somthing a little different and conceptually stronger. While they still retains some aspects of a traditional poster the idea behind the designs are quite strong.


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