Cave Animation using only After Effects Expressions

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Change to HQ!

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Not tried using expressions before, so in the interest of speed and editabilty? i wanted to control the whole animation just using an expression slider and a simple formula


Using the position in 3D space I was able to have AE determine the speed of the object to create a parallax effect

The – as to change the negative values for positions into positive, prob could have been made simpler but I was just guessing at valid variables and it seemed to work for me


SRSBusiness Puppet Tool

Made using a picture i made in Photoshop based on Limbo. Imported the .psd into After Effects and tried to use the puppet tool to animate the scene.

Would have been better if I had made the image specifically for using the puppet tool as the image was cropped meaning animation near the edges is a bit sharp/warped.

Used some normal colour correction / curves layers etc and added some royalty free music

Female Cyborg

Check out my Deviant Art!:

Has a little play with Photoshop:

1st image was a simple retouch, 2nd is a cut out and cyborganization. Not fully tho as i intend to work more elements into the piece, so i left more of the human elements then should be really.

This is a re re touch up, wasnt happy with the unatural placement of the jack + added some detail back in

Original stock:


female_cyborg__iii___electric_by_enn_srsbusiness_glenn_mellor female_cyborg__iii_by_enn_srsbusiness_glenn_mellor